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A Wine Tasting Tour From Kusadasi to Urla

From Kusadası to Urla you can make a great wine tasting tour while you visit the vineyards.

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From Kusadasi to Urla you can make a great wine tasting tour while you visit the vineyards. There are many wonderful places to visit around Kusadasi. One of them is a tour on the “Urla Vineyard Road”. You can visit the vineyards along the Urla Vineyard Road and taste their wines.

There is a great route from Kuşadası to Urla, where you can taste wine while taking a wonderful discovery tour of the Aegean region: the Urla Vineyard Road. The Urla Vineyard Road is a route that developed when wine producers in the Aegean area started to value again the Aegean coast and the Aegean climate for their wine production. Urla actually used to be a famous seaside town with vineyards for years, but it took some time for the wine entrepreneurs to see the potential again.

The Origins of the Urla Wine

The origins of the Urla wine dates back to many years B.C. There was a big wine production in the area until the population exchange between Greece and Turkey. The Urla wines were the main wines that were exported from Turkey until the population exchange. But when the Turkish Greeks were sent to Greece, the vineyards in Urla were raplaced by agricultural land. The main product that was lost in this process was unfortunately the “Urla Karası” (Urla Black), a grape unique to the Urla region.

Kuşadası'ndan Urla'ya

Entrepreneurs who want to return the Urla Karası back to life, want to develop and regain the fertility of the land. For this purpose, the wine producers in Urla are co-operating and doing everything they can. As of 2017, there are five vineyards in Urla. These are Urlice, USCA, MMG and the Urla and Mosaic Winery. One more vineyard, called Limantepe, is now developing, and the opening is expected to be in 2018.

How to go to Urla from Kuşadası?

If you want to go from Kuşadası to Urla, wandering around the Aegean coastline and take the Urla Vineyard Road to taste wine, it is advised to do that by car. It is also possible to take your bicycle, but this option is not preferred in the very warm summer months.

To take the Urla Vineyard Road for a wine tasting tour, you should have the following itinerary:

The Urla Vineyard route will take a whole day. From the morning till the evening you can enjoy the wonderful Aegean coastline. The distance between Kusadasi and Urla takes about 1 hour 35 minutes, if you take the inner road instead of the road along the coast. Of course it will be much more enjoyable to take the road along the coast. If you are not in a hurry, this will also be a perfect route to take great pictures.

Kuşadası'ndan Urla'ya

The Urla Vineyard Road is popular among the local and foreign tourists, with its wineries, cellars and wine tastings. Although many other wine producers are located in Turkey, the Aegean region is more attractive to tourists because of its climate. Thrace is another Turkish region famous for their wine production. The Thrace region also has a lovely vineyard route.

Traveling on the Urla Vineyard Road

You can take any location as a starting point on the Urla Vineyard Road. The route allows you to make a circle and come back to your starting location.

When it comes to wine tasting, you can taste wines for free if you travel with a small number of people. However, if you are traveling with a large group, you can taste wine for a small fee of 10 TL per person. Some wineries offer wine tasting as well as accommodation. In addition, wine tasting hours can change per winery. So, before you go to the wineries, it is always advised first to get information about their wine tasting hours.

Kuşadası'ndan Urla'ya

Urla lies between Çesme, Alaçatı and Izmir. If you want to go there by following the coastline, you will pass the town of Seferihisar. Seferihisar attracts local and foreign tourists, just like Urla. If you have time, we very much recommend a visit to Seferihisar and Sığacık too.

When you’ve tasted these great wines and you’ve fallen in love with the Aegean climate once again, you’ll definitely get inspired to exercise your photography skills in the vineyards. But if it’s the wine that inspires you most, we recommend to take a look at the following article: Şirince Village – A ‘Şirin’ (cute) Village Famous for its Fruit Wines.

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