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Arts in Kusadasi

Arts in Kusadasi is important and many locals and foreigners living in Kusadasi are interested in arts.

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Arts in Kusadasi is important and many locals and foreigners living in Kusadasi are interested in arts. Kusadasi is not only a great holiday destination, but also a city where music, literature, paintings and many artistic events are being held. At the municipal art gallery, there are ongoing activities like exhibitions, book signing and discussion events, or poetry recitals.

Arts in Kusadasi is something that locals and foreigners living in Kusadasi, as well as tourists, all can enjoy. Kusadasi is a beautiful city full of artistic and cultural activities. The fact that it is a city by the sea, inspires artists to use their creativity and produce wonderful works of art.

Many artists have chosen to live in Kusadasi and be inspired to create paintings, music, poetry and so on. Because arts in Kusadasi is very important and interesting for Kusadasi people. These artists are able to exhibit their creations at the Ibramaki Art Gallery, the municipal art gallery of Kusadasi.

Arts In Kusadasi Is In Everywhere

All year round, you can enjoy many artistic events in Kusadasi. The main ones are painting exhibitions, festivals, concerts by Turkish Art Music or Turkish Folk Music choirs, but also many famous (pop)stars coming to Kuşadası for a concert, dance shows, theater shows and many more. The people in Kusadasi value arts and show their appreciation for the artists, by participating in these artistic events.

In the summer of 2017, a beautiful project was initiated for music lovers by combining music and the beauty of Kusadasi. This project, organised by RitmikAda, is called Kuşadası İçin Çal (‘Play One for Kusadasi’). Within the scope of this project, the song “Ada Sahillerinde Bekliyorum” (“I’m waiting for you on the beach of the Island”, by Island meaning Kusadasi) was chosen. The clip was recorded on many beautiful spots of Kusadasi. In addition to the singers, all of them being artists living in Kusadasi, the clip also included the RitmikAda Youth Choir.

The song chosen for the clip of Play One for Kusadasi, is the song called “Ada Sahillerinde Bekliyorum”. The selection of this particular song is intentional: it’s not a local folk song, but a famous song that almost everyone in Turkey listens to and can sing along with by heart. It should also be noted that the song was also performed in Greek and Arabic. Knowing that the inhabitants of Kusadasi refer to themselves as “Adalı” (meaning Islander), it goes without saying that they love to listen to this song, and usually wholeheartedly sing along with it.

The Organisation of Play One for Kusadasi

Many artists performed in the clip for Play One for Kusadasi. Levent Temel is leading in the organisation of the project, produced by the RitmikAda Dance Music Sports and Performing Arts Center. Atilla İsler has directed and recorded the song at the studio of RitmikAda.

The Play One for Kusadasi Project, proved to be a successful organisation, showing that art events are always on the top of the priority list of Kusadasi. Other songs and performances will follow soon.

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