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Kuşadası Shopping and Life Center is the investment of Kuşadası Shopping Mall Investment and Management Company.

Klaros Construction, which is an expert in real estate investment and development in Kuşadası district, is a real estate investment and income partnership formed by businessmen in our district.

Our aim is to develop and develop real estate projects that will serve the people of Kuşadası for many years without changing the natural structure of our district.

Kuşadası AVYM is a shopping center with unusual centers of attraction thanks to its various social facilities. With the understanding of open-air shopping mall, amphitheater, Aegean & Mediterranean architecture, landscaping, children's playgrounds, social and cultural activities, it will be not only a shopping center but shopping and living center (AVYM).

The construction of AVYM, which has a rentable store area of ​​24.700 m², built on 80 decares, started in December 2012 and was completed in June 2014.

Kuşadası AVYM; It started to provide services with its expert staff on Rental Management and Brand Mix.

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