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Bird Watching Tower at the Dilek Peninsula National Park

Bird watching tower at Dilek Peninsula National Park has started.

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The construction of a bird watching tower at the Kusadasi Dilek Peninsula National park has started. This tower is going to offer bird watchers and other visitors the opportunity to watch birds.

The bird watching tower is expected to become one of the popular spots in the Dilek Peninsula National Park. The tower will be finished soon. The visitors can easily watch birds and learn more about them. Bird watchers can take beautiful photos from this tower.

The Dilek Peninsula National Park is of great importance to Kusadasi and Guzelcamli. This park is home to many endemic and endangered plants and animals. Another interesting fact is that there are more than 256 kinds of birds living in this protected park. With this tower, it will become easier to spot and observe them.

Thousands of Birds Migrating Each Year

Each year thousands of birds choose the Great Meander Delta as their migration location. The shallow waters offer a suitable feding and breeding area. The warm Aegean climate is appealing to the bird. The bird watching tower is built by the Management of the National Park.

It is expected that the bird watching tower will attract many foreign and local tourists. For more information about the Dilek Peninsula Great Meander National Park, read also this article:

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