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British travel agents welcomed in Kusadasi

A four-day promotional tour leaving the British guests amazed by Kusadasi.

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The Kusadasi Hoteliers and Investors Association (KODER) hosted a group of British travel agents in Kusadasi last May. The four-day tour was kicked-off with an entertaining rooftop dinner at sunset, leaving the British guests excited and curious about all that Kusadasi has to offer.

The initiative for this promotional visit came from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and their Cultural Attaché in London. With these initiatives the Turkish authorities hope to turn around the slowdown in British tourism in the Kusadasi region. 35 British travel agencies were invited by KODER to Kusadasi. During a four-day promotional tour the delegates visited Kusadasi and its historic and touristic sites. The Mayor of Kusadasi, Mr. Özer Kayalı and KODER chairman, Mr. Tacettin Özden, and other representatives from the Turkish tourism sector joined the British travel agents for dinner at the onset of their promotional tour.

Mr. Tacettin Özden, KODER chairman, stated in his speech: “We are able to welcome these tourism professionals from the United Kingdom through the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Kusadasi Municipality, TAV Airports Holding, Türsab Kusadasi BYK, the Aydın Chamber of Tourism Guides and the Kusadasi Hoteliers and Investors Association. The participating travel agencies were selected and invited by the Cultural Attaché in London. We will inform our guests about the historical, natural and cultural richness of our country and our accommodation facilities during 4 days. When they return to their countries, they will share this information with the British people, the sales networks will be strengthened and the reservations will increase. It is important to promote the Kusadasi region and its natural and cultural beauty, in order to revitalise the weakening British market in this region”. He finished his speech with the words: “We will continue our efforts to promote Kusadasi.”.

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