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Cool Down With Cold Brew Coffee On Hot Summer Days

One cup of home-made cold brew coffee makes miracles!

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Kusadasi enjoys a pleasant Aegean climate but sometimes the weather can be very hot. During these hot days of summer some choose for having a cold drink, a cold bath or a refreshing sea swim. To beat the heat we suggest you trying something different. Cold brew coffee, a wonderful cold coffee recipe that you will love.

You may have tried a cup of cold coffee before, but nothing as tasty as our simple recipe. This icy coffee drink is easy enough to prepare at home. All you need is a French press coffee maker, a “cafetiere”, and your favourite coffee blend. Once you get this method down pretty good you can experiment with different kinds of coffee blends.

The most important thing about that coffee is when you make it once, you can enjoy it for hours. So, you do not need to make the new one everyday. Cold brew coffee is also called cold press coffee. But you should know that the cold brew coffee is not just an ice coffee.

Cool Down With Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Making cold brew coffee is a really pleased activity. If you feel relaxed when you drink coffee, you can feel relaxed by preparing a cold brew coffee, too. Firstly, you should know the cold brew preparation method. You need to use cold filtered water, finely ground coffee and some patience.

To have a wonderful cold brew coffee you need to grind coffee beans up finely. After the grinding process you need to put the coffee into the French press. It is suggested that to use the four to one ratio to have a good cold brew. For instance, you can add one cup of coffee and four cups of cold filtered water. The point is that you should add filtered cold water to the french press and you should ensure the coffee is saturated.

After having a mixture in french press, stir it and then let it sit in the fridge for 12 – 14 hours. At the end of the process remove it from the fridge and press the filter. Put it in a jar. You can add some milk depends on your tastes. This coffee is ready to drink for twelve to fourteen hours. Bon appetite!

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