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Traditional Aegean Breakfast

The traditional Aegean Breakfast contains various and tasty foods. It is also a very nutricious and interesting breakfast. You can be assured that you will not be hungry until the evening after a morning with a traditional Aegean breakfast. Read more to find out the details of the traditional Aegean breakfast.

With the traditional Aegean breakfastvarious and nutritious foods from the Aegean region are served.  As you would expect from the Aegean region, it offers delicious and varied healthy olives and olive oil and delicious and healthy herbs. They are accompanied by natural, nutricious and delicious eggs from free range chickens and cheeses made from fresh milk. A traditional Aegean breakfast offers all these delights to the lucky Aegean people.

The Aegeans must have their olive and olive oil at breakfast. If maybe there is, let’s say no cheese at breakfast, it doesn’t matter. But olives are indispensable. Also such a breakfast must absolutely be completed with black tea. The accompanying herbs are usually parsley and rosemary. These are extremely healthy herbs. It’s commonly known that the Aegean region is famous for their herbs as well as their olive and olive oil.

What Makes The Traditional Aegean Breakfast So Famous?

Traditional Aegean Breakfast is also the traditional Turkish breakfast. It has been introduced to foreigners as ‘Turkish Breakfast’. Aegean breakfast is also served with bazlama, which is a kind of home made bread. Bazlama is a thin and round bread baked by the grandmothers at home. The breakfast must be accompanied by bazlama and black tea.

You will find that the traditional Aegean breakfast is not limited to these tastes only. You may also find many traditional homemade jams, including orange, citrus, strawberry, quince, cherry jam and more. Also forget the simit bread. The simit is a thin, round and crispy bread with a hole in it, and sesame seeds on top.

Where Can You Get The Traditional Aegean Breakfast?

If you want to have a traditional Aegean breakfast, you should of course come to the Aegean region. Kuşadası has many places where you can find an Aegean breakfast. It is of course possible to get a Turkish breakfast at the hotels or bed & breakfast places and restaurants in Kusadasi. However, if you want to have an Aegean breakfast in a more authentic atmosphere, you can take a short trip from Kuşadası to the Kirazlı village or Yeniköy, a village on the road to Çamlık, where you can have a delicious Aegean breakfast in an olive grove, prepared by the villagers.




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