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Easter Celebrations at the Dutch School

Celebrating Easter at a sunny beach….not bad at all!

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One of the cultural activities at the Dutch school is the Easter celebration. This year the celebration took place at the Dream Bar, at the Ladies Beach in Kusadasi.

The children had the time of their lives decorating eggs. An adventurous treasure hunt was one of the highlights. Colouring and drawing for relaxation was a popular activity but not half as much as hitting the chocolate eggs out of an easter bunny shaped pinata and eat them. The parents made Dutch and Turkish snacks.

Celebrating Easter at a sunny beach….not bad at all!

In Kuşadası the Dutch children get educated in their own language and culture at the Dutch School. The ‘Dutch School in Kusadasi’ is actually a language course, 3 hours a week during 40 weeks, for children from the age of 4 to 14. These (at least) bilingual children go to regular Turkish schools during weekdays.


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