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15 reasons to visit Kusadasi

So, you know which month you'd like to travel in, but you haven't decided where to go yet?

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So, you know which month you’d like to travel in, but you haven’t decided where to go yet? To help you combat your holiday indecision, we’ve put together – 15 reasons to visit Kusadasi – to help you discover a holiday destination that has something for everyone…

15 Reasons to visit Kusadasi
  1. AEGEAN CLIMATE – Cooling summer breeze, low humidity.
  2. CLEAN SEA & BEACHES – Kusadasi has the most blue flags in Turkey when the length of the coasts is taken into account.
  3. WATER FUN – Europe’s biggest aquaparks.
  4. RELAXED SHOPPING – Traders don’t hassle you, due to anti-hassle measures
    by the Kusadasi municipality.
  5. CHRISTIAN HERITAGE – “If there is one Turkish city which should top the list for Christian travelers, it is Ephesus.” [The Christian Travel Planner]
  6. SIGHT SEEING – Busiest cruise port of Turkey.
  7. SCUBA DIVING – We sunk an Airbus A300 to create an artificial diving reef.
  8. LIBERAL & TOLERANT – Open-minded environment. Migration and trade routes that have passed through the region throughout history, caused Kusadasi to be a multi-lingual, multi-religious, and colourful city with a very rich and liberal culture.
  9. FERRIES TO GREECE – Direct line to birthplace of Pythagoras.
  10. NATURE RESERVE – Dilek National Park. This 277-sq-km mountainous reserve on the Dilek Peninsula has walking trails, stunning vistas, azure coves for swimming and deep-green forests.
  11. HEALING SPRINGS – Our thermal springs contain the highest mineral content in Europe. Boasting over 6mg mineral content per litre!
  12. MEDICAL CARE – Tourists don’t just come for the sun and the sights. They combine their stay with medical treatment in one of Kusadasi’s modern clinics.
  13. GOURMET – We produce international award winning wines.
  14. BEST VALUE – Restaurants over 60% cheaper than in Western Europe! Shopping over 40% cheaper than in Western Europe!
  15. AUTHENTIC – Kusadasi is a vibrant year-round working city, that has been able to preserve its authenticity.

And, oh yeah, our many events! Tour of Turkey, Youth Festival, Coffee & Chocolate Fest, & many more…

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