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Explore Nearby Places – Slow Town Sigacik

Getting the taste of slow town Sigacik, nearby Kusadasi.

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Kusadasi is a beautiful town to visit with many sights to rest your eyes upon. There’s the ancient City of Ephesus, the House of the Virgin Mary and the Dilek National Park, all worth visiting. However, there are wonderful places nearby Kusadasi waiting for you to visit them. One of these gems is the “slow town” Sigacik. In this article, you can find interesting information about Sigacik and you’ll understand why you shouldn’t miss out on exploring its grounds.

Sigacik is a picturesque, slow town that is located in Seferihisar. Seferihisar is a district of İzmir and Sigacik is a town in it. It takes about 1,5 hours to drive up there but it is worth the journey. There are minibuses that go to Seferihisar and then in Seferihisar you can get on the minibuses to Sigacik.

Sigacik has an organic bazaar and tourists love it. There are typical narrow streets in the Sigacik Kaleici and there are small craftsman houses, too. These white painted houses are beautifully decorated with flowers. The people who live in the houses in the Kaleici appreciate the importance of clean streets, organic foods and lifestyle.

A Picture-Perfect Town

When you arrive in Sigacik you will notice that in this town there are no high-rise buildings. The highest buildings you can see may have two or three floors. The aesthetic view of this town is very pleasant to the eye. If you are a keen photographer, then a visit to the Sigacik Kaleici and its lush streets is a must-do. Consequently, the old town has become a popular destination for slow life fans the world over.

If you like the organic foods and souvenirs you may need a huge bag to fill it with the local products you are likely to buy. The passionate market sellers usually live in the Kaleici and are permitted to sell their products in cute booths placed in front of their homes. They grow the organic products themselves in their little gardens. To secure the quality and safety of these home-produced goods the Seferihisar Municipality conducts regular audits.

Enjoy a Traditional Breakfast

In Sigacik you should have no worries about outdoor dining and drinking. There are gourmet restaurants and cafes in the Kaleici offering the traditional Turkish breakfast and other local, tasty dishes. You can plan this visit as a day trip returning to Kusadasi the same day. Alternatively, if you prefer to stay, you can book an authentic B&B or a cosy boutique hotel.

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