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Foreign citizens in Kusadasi

The warm turquoise waters of the Aegean are tempting for all levels of water lovers. There are those who like to just dip one toe in at a time and savour the experience. On the other hand there are the more adventurous types that just dive on in head first for the thrill of it.

The same can be said of immersing oneself in the intricacies of the variety of local cultures with all their diverse parts; language, food, friendships, traditions, activities and many more. For some it is perfectly normal to sample each of these aspects as if they were a fine wine and sip them slowly. It is just as normal, however, to quaff the whole experience down like a cool beer on a hot afternoon.

Whether either of these sound like you or whether you would describe yourself as being a more balanced soul somewhere in the middle then Kusadasi can not only offer you life at the pace you want but you can find plenty of fellow souls to share it with.

Since before anyone can remember travellers from every part of the world have been passing through this gate to the East, or this gate to the West you might say if coming from the other direction. Some are simply passing through whilst those who find solace will often plant roots and stay for longer. Those who really get smitten often never leave!

It is these settlers that can not only share their own experiences of life in Kusadasi with you but can help to make some new ones, together. It could be just telling you about their favourite place to eat or best place to view the sunset. More importantly it could also mean having a friendly ear when looking for advice on more serious issues such as the ups and downs of living in the area, raising children here, studying or the complexities of investing in a home or business.

Foreign Support Network

This is where the foreign citizen community shines as bright as the almost perpetual sunshine. There are plenty of informal meeting places for social events, sporting events and many more. You will find dozens of languages spoken, all age groups and all a truly diverse lifestyle to take your pick from. You can also visit some of the more formal organisations, such as the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre,  who for many years have been helping guests from every kind of background find their way a little bit easier through both the simple and some of the more challenging aspects of day-to-day life.

Check in regularly to Kusadasi LIVE to find out more about how you can get the best from this jewel on the Aegean.

The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre Team – Kusadasi


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