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German Travelers Came to Kusadasi by Bicycle

German travelers came to Kusadasi by bicycle to dive for the plane wreck.

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German travelers came to Kusadasi by bicycle and dived for the biggest plane wreck in the world. After leaving their home in Germany, they biked over 3800 kilometers in two months to have this extraordinary experience.

Monica Hofman and Cristian Wagner decided to travel by bicycle during their vacation. After they dicovered on the internet and other media, that the biggest plane wreck was to be found in Kusadasi, they headed to the Aegean region. Together with diving instructor Tagmac Saracoglu, they dived for the plane wreck.

They had a great time diving and exploring the plane wreck. As a bonus, they were surprised by two Mediterranean monk seals. Because the Mediterranean monk seal is considered to be an endangered species and is rarely seen, it was an unexpected treat. Fortunately, the two divers captured all the underwater beauty on film.

Monica is a Physics teacher and Cristian is a teacher too. They talked to us about their diving adventure, and said:

When we heard the news, on the internet, in the newspapers and on television, that the biggest sunken plane wreck was in Kusadasi, we got very excited. We decided to go on holiday to Kusadasi and just took our bicycles to pedal our way to the Aegean region. It took us about two months and 3800 kilometers. But it was all worth the journey. What we saw was astonishing. Beautiful fish in and around the plane wreck, and the greatest part of it all, the two Mediterranean monk seals at the underwater cave we were exploring. They were too shy to come near us, but still, it was very impressive. It was truely magical!

The two travelers stayed in Kusadasi in total for three wonderful days and went to Pamukkale after that. Next destination they’re planning to travel to is Tbilisi, after which they want to travel back home and be in Germany for New Year’s.

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