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Izmir – Kusadasi Bus Times

Izmir - Kusadasi bus times and Kusadasi – Izmir bus times are on this page.

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Izmir – Kusadasi bus times and Kusadasi – Izmir bus times are important for the people, especially who wants to come from Izmir to Kusadasi and for the people who wants to return to Izmir from Kusadasi. The tourists who arrive at the airport and who want to go airport need to know the bus times. There are passengers arrive at Izmir Intercity Bus Terminal. These passengers also need to know bus times. So you can find the Kusadasi – Izmir bus times and the Izmir – Kusadasi bus times on this page.

There are a large number of foreign and local tourists visit Kusadasi in Summer and also many times in a year. When the tourists come to Kusadasi they usually travel by plane. Some of the tourists travel by bus and arrive at  Izmir Intercity Bus Terminal. Even there are services from the Adnan Menderes Airport to Kusadasi, to districts of Aydin and İzmir, the bus transportation to Kusadasi is cheaper than the others. So, after arrival to the airport or to the bus terminal the bus transportation offers you the cheapest and the easiest way to come to Kusadasi, this beautiful city.

How to go to Kusadasi?

There are a few transportation ways to come to Kusadasi from İzmir. One of them is using the railroad to come to Selcuk and then transferring to Kusadasi by a minibus. But this way is troublesome even it is cheaper than bus. Actually, the easiest and the cheapest way is using buses to Kusadasi. So it is possible to get on a bus and come to Kusadasi from Izmir or go to Izmir from Kusadasi.

Izmir – Kusadasi bus times is one of the important things that the foreign and local tourists need to know. The reason of the necessity is having a trip without interruption. When the passengers arrive at Izmir they need to transfer from Izmir to Kusadasi. So they prefer not to wait long time in airport or in bus terminal. The passengers prefer to transfer to Kusadasi as soon as possible to have more time in this beautiful city.

The bus companies are aware of the demands of the tourists. So they have hourly bus services. Actually, there are services every hour both from Izmir to Kusadasi and from Kusadasi to Izmir. Here are the Izmir – Kusadasi bus times and Kusadasi – Izmir bus times.

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