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KGF 2017 Kusadasi LIVE Photo Contest

KGF 2017 Kusadasi LIVE Photo Contest is being held during the Kusadasi Youth Fest.

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KGF 2017 Kusadasi LIVE Photo Contest has started. The contest is being held within Kusadasi Youth Festival between July 5th and 7th. Kusadasi LIVE team will be in the festival area so you can take a photo with the special frame of Kusadasi LIVE and you can join the Photo Contest with this photo. If this photo get enough likes, you can win free tickets for Aquapark or a free breakfast for two in 5-star KODER Hotel.

Join KGF 2017 Kusadasi LIVE Photo Contest and win free tickets. It is easy as getting enough likes to your photo which you take during the Kusadasi Youth Fest. So, find our team or our stand in Kusadasi Youth Fest area and take your photo with Kusadasi LIVE frame. You can follow the programme on the Kusadasi Youth Fest event page.

Here are the requirements that you must have, to join the contest:

KGF 2017 Kusadasi LIVE Photo Contest

Join the KGF 2017 Kusadasi LIVE Photo Contest!

What can you win?

Two free tickets for Aqua Fantasy Aquapark in Kusadasi!!


A free breakfast for two served at a 5-star KODER hotels in Kusadasi!!

How does it work?

To classify for the contest your Kusadasi LIVE photo needs to get at least 99 “likes” between July 5th and 7th, until 19:00 hours. The top 15 most liked photo contest posts will win the free tickets.

What you need to do:

  1. Go to KGF 2017 Kusadasi Live Photo Contest photo album on Kusadasi LIVE Facebook page.
  2. You will find all photos which were taken with our special frame in the this album. Choose one of the photos that you’d like to share on your personal timeline to join the contest.
  3. “Share” your Kusadasi LIVE photo on your personal timeline by clicking the “Share” button and copy in this text: “I was here!! Kusadasi Youth Festival 2017 memory with @KusadasiLiveCom. #KusadasiLive #KGF2017(using this text in your post is very important). Tag as many as possible friends in your photo!!
  4. Encourage your Facebook friends to “like” your photo.

When your Kusadasi LIVE photo is liked 99 times contact us at:

Kusadasi LIVE e-mail address:

Kusadasi LIVE phone number: (0256) 614 32 02 

Do you need help?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have difficulties following this procedure. Our team is more than happy to help you.

Important:  Note that the contest is based on organic likes only!

Update: The Kusadasi LIVE Photo Contest concluded. You can see the results and winners by clicking this link: Kusadasi LIVE Photo Contest Winners

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