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KODER Funded The Kusadasi Faculty Of Tourism To Open A Library

The Adnan Menderes University (ADU) Kusadasi Faculty of Tourism opened a library with the support of KODER (Kusadasi Hoteliers and Investors Association).

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The Adnan Menderes University (ADU) Kusadasi Faculty of Tourism opened a library with the support of KODER (Kusadasi Hoteliers and Investors Association).  At the opening, KODER member of the Board, Mr. Rıza Esen, Kusadasi Municipality Deputy Mayor, Mr. Remzi Çengel and professors and students of the ADU Faculty of Tourism were present. Also, Prof. Dr. Nazmi Kozak, professor at the Anadolu University Faculty of Tourism, attended the opening.

Prof. Dr. Nazmi Kozak held a speech at the opening, in which he told his personal story about the library, that started in Istanbul, then Eskisehir and now in Kusadasi. He told about TURGEV, the Library of the Tourism Development and Education Association, in Istanbul.

The TURGEV Library was first opened in 1984. The building was near the Istanbul Consulate and was damaged in 2003 after an attack. Many books were saved and were stored in boxes in a depot of a hotel. About 50 boxes full with books stayed there until 2014. With the initiative of Prof. Dr. Nazmi Kozak, the books found a new home. Kozak took care of the transportation of the books to Eskisehir. But when Prof. Dr. Kozak was discharged from his work by the rector of the University, and had to stop his activities, the books had to be replaced again. After that, he asked his friends and colleagues in Kusadasi about their opinion on the subject of a library. They were quite positive. This resulted in moving the books to Kusadasi in 2015. The first steps for a library were taken. KODER funded the library by donating the means to purchase the furnitures and book display units. After 14 years of its founding, the library is now in Kusadasi.

The most striking fact about this Library is that most of the books are only copies and therefore unique. The books are now in Kusadasi but the owner is still TURGEV. The archive we mentioned above, is a great source of information and can be of use for students doing their Masters or for Postgraduates.

In his speech, Prof.Dr. Nazmi Kozak thanked the KODER and ADU delegation for their support to open this library and added:

The importance of this library lies in the fact that it is a big resource of the history of tourism. It contains books that we can not even find at the biggest libraries in Turkey. I think that having this library here, provides tourism students a great opportunity to gain knowledge and find the information they need for their Master sor Postgraduate dissertations. The Anadolu University didn’t fully realize its value. Hopefully the ADU Faculty of Tourism will.

The KODER Member of the Board, Mr. Rıza Esen thanked everyone supporting the library, stating:

We are excited about the fact that Kusadasi gained such an important library. We as KODER donated the collected money from the yearly KODER benefit party to furnish the library. We as the Board of KODER, will try to make resources available to the library to purchase computers and tablets.

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