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Kusadasi Sea Turtles Awareness

Kusadasi sea turtles are important. The Aydin Province supports activities to create awareness for the sea turtles in Kusadasi.

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Kusadasi sea turtles are important. The Municipality of Aydin supports activities to create awareness for the sea turtles in Kusadasi. Aydin gave a positive response to the applications from EKODOSD.

The sea turtles in Kusadasi are of great importance for the region. To create awareness for the survival of the Caretta Carettas and the importance of the beach for their survival, the Aydin Municipality placed many information boards on the beaches of Kusadasi.

Every year, the sea turtles come to the Pygale Beach, to lay their eggs. Pygale Beach is a very popular beach among the local and foreign tourists. Without realizing, they could harm the nests of the Caretta Caretta’s. EKODOSD works hard to ensure that these nests stay unharmed and that the baby sea turtles have all the opportunity to walk into the sea after the eggs have hatched.

EKODOSD keeps working on projects to make the people in Kusadasi aware of the nature around them. The head of EKODOSD, Bahattin Surucu, said that they applied for support and received a positive response from the Aydin Municipality.

Since 2012, almost every year, the Caretta Carettas come to nest at the beaches of Kusadasi. Kusadasi has a long stretch of beaches, with hundreds of summer houses and holiday resorts. Also, the green sea turtles, called Chelonia Mydas, come to the beaches of Kusadasi because they feed with the seagrass that is abundant here. Unfortunately, we come across these turtles mostly dead or injured. Kusadasi has a coastline of approximately 30 kilometers. We asked for the help of the Municipality of Aydin to inform people and create awareness about these dead or injured sea turtles. But also about their nesting rituals and their needs. Fortunately, they agreed and have supported us by placing boards from Guzelcamli to Kustur, especially at 9 spots where the sea turtles lay their eggs. The text on the boards is “Let’s Protect The Sea Turtles”. And under that headline, there is information about the sea turtles, their habitat, their nests and eggs and what to do when they find a nesting, dead or injured sea turtle.

EKODOSD believes that these boards will have a big impact. For this reason, the association concentrates on placing these boards on the spots on the beaches where the nests are.

In the summer months, there are more than 600 thousand people on the beaches of Kusadasi. By placing these boards, we know that people who live in the summer houses, come for a swim or take a walk on the beach, are informed about the sea turtles. The more people are aware of the importance of the nests and the eggs, the better. Protection of Nature and Natural Parks, Aydin Municipality, ADU Biology Department, DEKAMER and EKODOSD have co-operated in the past and will continu to do so in the future, to protect the sea turtles at the beaches of Kusadasi.

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