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Kusadasi Indoor Market Hall

The Kusadasi Indoor Market Hall is open four days a week.

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The Kusadasi Indoor Market Hall is open four days a week. At this covered market you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, farm eggs, milk, cheese, butter and other fresh and natural foods you can think of, for very reasonable prices. Read more to find out all the information about the market.

The indoor market hall of Kusadasi is located opposite the bus station. It was built by the municipality of Kusadasi and was opened for public in February 2016. The marketplace is open four days a week. There is a textile market on Wednesdays and a second-hand car market on Saturdays; on Tuesdays and Fridays you can get fresh vegetables, fruits and fish, and many more at the market.

On Tuesday and Friday: There are fruit, vegetable and fish markets. You can find fresh fruits, vegetables and many more for the reasonable prices in the markets.

On Wednesday: There is textile market. You can find various clothes with best values in the market. There are clothes for men, women, children, for young people and for adults. There are also jewelleries in bazaar.

On Saturday: There is second hand cars market. You can find various second-hand cars for reasonable prices in market.

Kusadasi Indoor Market Place is actually a complex structure. By that we mean that the structure is formed by a combination of several structures. In this building, firstly there is a multipurpose hall with a 475 market stall capacity and a hall for weddings plus a car park. The market place has two floors. On the first floor and second floor the market vendors open their stalls for the public. With these features, the building meets Kuşadası’s marketplace needs along with the requirements for weddings and meetings.

Previously the fruit, vegetables and fish markets and the textile market were located on the Candan Tarhan Boulevard and Sabri Mumcu Caddesi. However, this situation was very stressful to the traffic in Kusadasi. When the market was open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Wednesdays, these streets were closed to traffic. People who wanted to go to the market for their grocery or textile shopping, were confronted with having to park their cars at a distance and carry their heavy bags. Having realized this problem, the municipality decided to build the Kusadasi Indoor Market Hall. The market hall allows the market vendors to have their stalls open all year long, without being affected by the cold or hot weather, and allowing shoppers to easily purchase their market goods.

There are free shuttle buses to many of Kusadasi’s districts from the market place at certain hours. The service is allocated by the municipality and is free of charge. At the Kusadasi Indoor Market Hall there is something for everyone: you can get your fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and all kinds of fresh goods; at the textile market you can find various nice and fairly priced clothes, and on Saturday you can find second hand cars.

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