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Kusadasi Local Transportation Guide

All the information you need about the Kusadasi local transportation.

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The Kusadasi local transportation guide provides you with information about how you can get from one point to another in Kusadasi. If this is the first time that you visit Kusadasi, or if you have no knowledge about the transportation system in Kusadasi, you might find this post quite useful.

Transportation in Kusadasi is very easy. But to experience that, you first have to know how the transportation is actually organized in Kusadasi. Usually transportation in Kusadasi in done with minibuses, also called ‘dolmus’. Between towns, people prefer to travel by bus. In this post, you’ll mostly find information about the dolmus system.

Kusadası Local Minibus Motorized Transportation Cooperative has been founded in 1987. The dolmus line that you use when in Kusadasi is a good 30 years old. This line can bring you everywhere you want to go in and around Kusadasi. The dolmus’es bring you to every beach, hotel, neighborhood, or street.

What You Need to Know about the Kusadası Local Transportation

  • Turkey is the only place you can find dolmus lines.
  • Depending on the length of your travel, the prices vary between 2,00 TL and 3,50 TL.
  • When you enter the dolmus, you need to tell the driver where you want to go, and pay the fee at that moment.
  • Dolmus’es do not stop at every bus stop. You have to tell the driver when you want to get out of the minibus.
  • When you are near where you want to step out, you have to tell the bus driver to stop.

Every dolmus has its own route, but they all pass the town centre. Most tourists don’t know the dolmus system, and feel the need to hire a guide. We think knowing the information above will make you more confident to travel around in Kusadasi. We have listed the routes of the dolmus’es below.

  • Dolmus nr. 1: Sanayi – Efes Prenses (Kustur – Tusan)
  • Dolmus nr. 2: Hastane (Hospital) – Beyazgul Sitesi
  • Dolmus nr. 2 / 10: Hastane (Hospital) – Kosar – Deniz Yıldızı – Notestik
  • Dolmus nr. 3: Hastane (Hospital) – Yagcıkent (Sema)
  • Dolmus nr. 4: Sehir Merkezi (Town Centre) – Pazar Yeri (Market) – Tutunculer Sitesi
  • Dolmus nr. 5: Kadınlar Denizi (Ladies Beach)
  • Dolmus nr. 6: Sahil Siteleri (Long Beach) – Hastane (Hospital)
  • Dolmus nr. 7: Sahil Siteleri (Long Beach)- Kipa – Uydukent – Hastane (Hospital)

Nr. SS.26 Kusadasi Local Minibus Motorized Transportation Cooperative

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