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Kusadasi Street Foods

Kusadasi street foods attrack many tourists with their amazing tastes.

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Kusadasi street foods attrack many tourists with their amazing tastes. Local and foreign tourists love eating these tasty foods while walking through the streets of Kusadasi. Be sure to try these delicious typically Aegean foods.

When talking about Kusadasi street foods, many foods come to mind. You can eat these snacks while walking along the boulevard, or sitting at a café enjoying the view. In summer Kusadasi is usually flooded with local and foreign tourists. For this reason, during daytime the beaches and at night the streets, are full of life. Everywhere, there are street vendors who sell their delicious foods and snacks.

Kusadasi Street Foods

There are street foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this article, we will list the street foods of Kusadasi that you can enjoy during the whole day.

Simit (Bagel) and Black Tea

In Kusadasi, at almost everyday day of the year you’ll wake up to a sunny morning. When you go out to the streets you’ll find vendors selling simit (crispy thin bagels with sesame seeds), kumru (a sandwich typical to Izmir area) or poğaça (small rolls usually filled with cheese) that you can consume for breakfast. Simit is the indispensable food for the Aegean region and actually for all of Turkey.

Kuşadası Sokak Lezzetleri

Simit is usually eaten for breakfast and is a crispy and delicious bread, resembling a bagel, covered with sesame seeds. In addition to the street vendors, you can enjoy simit at the Kusadasi Belediyesi Çay Bahçesi (Kusadasi Municipality Tea Garden) located on the boulevard. They serve simit and delicious mixed toasts, that must be accompanied with hot Turkish black tea. Here, you can enjoy the fresh morning breeze and the seaview while having a lovely breakfast.

kuşadası sokak lezzetleri

Güvercinli Park also has a tea garden belonging to the Kusadasi Municipality. Here you can drink your tea, feed simit to the fish and watch them eat it.

Meat Döner and Chicken Döner

Other foods you can find in the streets of Kusadasi are the meat and chicken döner (a type of Turkish kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie), and also meat and chicken dürüm (filled thin bread, that looks like burritos). When you feel like eating something while walking along the beach or when you’re around discovering the interesting sights, just look around because food is everywhere.

kuşadası sokak lezzetleri

These fast but healthy meals can be consumed sitting on small chairs and tables in the streets. You can consume cold ayran, a refreshing salty yoghurt drink, or turnip juice with these foods.


Kumpir is a tasty large potato that you can fill whatever you want, after it’s cooked till soft and after adding butter, salt and kaşar cheese. You can fill the kumpir with pickles, russian salad, corn, black olives and many more ingredients, and add ketchup and mayonnaise if you like.

kuşadası sokak lezzetleri

There are cafes in Kusadasi that make kumpir but when walking in the streets, you’ll definitely see a stall where you can order one.

Enjoying an Evening Walk in the Streets of Kusadasi

The answer to the question “what can you do in Kusadasi in the evening?” is quite easy. On the warm summer evenings, especially at sunset, the streets are full with people. You can take long walks on the streets along the beach.

During these walks you can see young people sitting on the sidewalk, playing guitar and sing together, you can see street vendors who sell their street foods, or you can just sit and watch the variety of people walking by. We listed some of the street foods that can accompany your evening walks below.

Stuffed Mussels

Stuffed mussels are one of the most popular street snacks in Turkey. You can see stuffed mussels vendors everywhere. This delicious snack can be eaten at every hour of the day. Open up the shell and add some lemon juice and you have a great snack.

Kuşadası sokak lezzetleri

You need to tell the street vendor how many stuffed mussels you want and the seller will serve you these with lemon. Like every street food, the stuffed mussel is a cheap snack.


Cooked corn is another street food of Kusadasi. You can see many vendors selling corn. It’s easy to consume while walking.

kuşadası sokak lezzetleri

The corn is cooked in water. Corn is a tasty snack but also quite healthy. Along the beach side of Kusadasi, there are corn vendors everywhere.

Ice cream

Ice cream of course needs to be added to this list. It’s a refreshing snack that you can eat in every place in the world. Ice cream is is an indispensable snack on hot days, especially during the hot summer days of the Mediterranean and Aegean region.

kuşadası sokak lezzetleri

Among the street foods of Kusadasi, ice cream might be the favorite. You can get ice cream at the cafés, from the vendors in front of restaurants or stalls along the beach.

Kusadasi street foods are favored by many local and foreign tourists. When you visit Kusadasi, you should definitely try these foods.

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