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Kusadasi Weather Forecast

This article is about the Kusadasi weather forecast.

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The Kusadasi Weather Forecast receives interest of people who live in Kusadasi and local and foreign tourists who plan to visit Kusadasi. When you choose Kusadasi as your holiday destination, the first thing you wonder is the weather forecast and sea water temperature during the period of your holiday.  In this article you can find information regarding the Kusadasi climate and the average temperatures in Kusadasi.

Kusadasi is located in the Aegean Region in the Aydın province. In Kusadasi you can enjoy the typical Aegean climate. The Aegean climate is similar to the Mediterranean climate. Therefore, temperatures like in Antalya and Mersin may possibly be experienced in Kusadasi too. But contrary to the Mediterranean region, in the Aegean region, there are mountains lined straight to the sea. In the Mediterranean region, the mountains are lined parallel to the sea. Because of this, there is a difference in the climate between the Mediterranean and the Aegean region. The effect of the sea can be seen in the inner parts of the district. In the Aegean region, summers are hot and dry and winters are warm and rainy.

How is the weather in Kusadasi?

You can see the highest temperatures in Kusadasi ​​on the coast. Temperatures decrease when you go to the inlands. Temperatures along the coast of Kusadasi also decrease when you go from south to north. Even in the winter months when the temperatures are lower, the average temperature in the south is 14 degrees, while in the north the temperatures are 8 degrees. Likewise, in the summer when temperatures are for instance 29 degrees, the more interior regions experience 25 degrees.

In Kusadasi, in winter, it’s usually rainy and warm. In the Aegean region, precipitation in winter is usually in the form of rain. However, in the inland parts of the region sometimes there is snow in the winter. For this reason, Kusadasi is an ideal place to live both in winter and summer. There is always a light breeze, blowing from north to south. These winds are dry and non-precipitation winds.

Kusadasi Weather Forecast

There are differences between night and daytime temperatures. The winds blowing from the sea during the day to the land changes from land to sea at night. As a consequence, there is a pleasant breeze during the day.

You can check the image below to find out more about the weather in Kusadasi. The image shows the average temperatures observed in the Aydın province over the past 50 years. You can also find answers to your questions like “how is the weather in Kusadasi in a specific month?” “what are the characteristics of the weather in Kusadasi” and “what are the differences in the weather in the winter and the summer?”.

In the following image you can also find the Aegean sea water temperatures.

Temperatures over the past 50 years.
Aegean sea water temperatures

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