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The Mediterranean Monk Seal Spotted at the Dilek Peninsula National Park

The mediterranean monk seal that is endangered is spotted in Kusadasi.

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The mediterranean monk seal has been spotted at the Dilek Peninsula National Park. There are 700 mediterranean monk seals in the world, and just about 100 in Turkey. Spotting them was reason to a big enthusiasm in Kusadasi.

The mediterranean monk seal are an endangered species, that starts showing themselves.  Even though we knew that there were mediterranean monk seals at the Dilek Peninsula National Park, it was always difficult to capture them on film. There were sometimes divers though, who came across the mediterranean monk seal while diving. 

The last time the mediterranean monk seal was captured on film, was 13 months ago. The importance of the mediterranean monk seal lies in the fact that they are considered to be one of the 12 rare mammals in the world. The mediterranean monk seal was seen this time by a visitor in Guzelcamli and captured of film.

Huseyin Berkay, who was hiking at the Dilek Peninsula Milli Park Karasu Bay, shared the video he made with the media.

Project Started to Observe the Mediterranean Monk Seal

After the sharing of the footage of the mediterranean monk seal at the Dilek Peninsula National park, the environmentalists started focusing on the monk seals even more. They started a project to observe the seals. The fact that they were surprise to spot the mediterranean monk seals at the Aegean coast, is because it’s known that these seals prefer the colder and luke warm coasts. There are not many seal species that live in the warmer seas. To see these monk seals at the coasts of Turkey caused both surprise as enthusiasm.

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