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Şirince is a charming village famous for its fruit wines. It is only 40 minutes away from Kuşadası and it’s very easy to travel there. When you go there, you’ll find that the cute village houses have such an attraction on you that you’ll want to stay there longer. You will also appreciate the beauty of this village by tasting their unique fruit wines.

When you come to Kuşadası, Şirince Village is one of the first places that should come to your mind when you want to explore the sights and places around Kuşadası. Especially if you like wine and want to try different tastes, you should put Şirince on the top of your list. This village is famous for its fruit wines. It’s possible to find wines made from every sort of regional fruit available.

Şirince is a charming and cute village, like its name suggests. Şirin is the Turkish word for ‘cute’. In this village, there are lots of fig trees, the typical Aegean olive trees, walnut and apple trees. However, the main plant that makes Şirince famous for its fruit wines are the grapes in the vineyards. Besides the fruit wine, Şirince is also famous for their tasty grapes.

How to get to Şirince?

Şirince Village is part of the Selçuk district of Izmir. However, Selçuk, Şirince and Ephesus are closer to Kuşadası than to Izmir. For this reason, local and foreign tourists come to Kuşadası and prefer to visit Selçuk and its surroundings from there. A logical choice, because it’s possible to easily visit Kuşadası and its surroundings without enduring the stress of the hectic traffic in Izmir.

Şirince Köyü Nasıl Gidilir?

In order to go to Şirince from Kuşadası you have to board the Kuşadası-Selçuk minibus (‘dolmuş’) and from there, you have to board the Şirince minibus at the Selçuk Garage. If you want to take your car, you have to drive through the Kuşadası – Selçuk road and then follow the Şirince signs from the center of Selçuk. As you can see, transportation to Şirince Village is very easy.

What can be done in Şirince?

When you visit Şirince, you will find wines made from apples, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, melons, watermelons, cherries and many other sorts of fruits. The wine producers organize wine tastings and sell their wines. When you go there you should definitely try the fruit wines and might want to buy a bottle of fruit wine to take home.

Şirince Köyü Şarap Tadımı

It is worth knowing that Şirince was actually a Greek village before the exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey. The original name of Şirince used to be Kırkınca. This name was formerly pronounced as Kirkinceby the Greeks who lived here. When the Turks from Rumelia (Greece) unwillingly have been moved to live there, they began to call it Çirkince (meaning ‘quite ugly’), but later they decided that Şirince (cute) was a more suitable name because it was not an ugly place. When the Turks got more settled down, they started to produce olive oil, wine and other agricultural products in Şirince. Şirince became famous over the years, and the village is now visited by local and foreign tourists.

Şirince Köyü Eski Rum Evleri

In fact, Şirince is well known mostly since 2012 when the whole world was shaken with rumours about the rupture of the apocalypse on December 21st in 2012. According to the Mayan calendar, this date was the date of the end of the world. A group of people claimed that only Şirince Village and Bugarach Village in Francewould be saved from the apocalypse. According to these rumours, the planet Marduk would hit the world on December 21, 2012 and start the apocalypse. The only people who would survive, would be the ones that were able to board Noah’s Ark, that was going to rise up on the Maden Mountain in Şirince. All of this of course remained to be a rumour and the apocalypse did not come. But the nice result of it all was that Şirince got the attention from the world.

The Famous Wines of Şirince

When you enter Şirince, you’ll notice the many wine vendors and wine tasting points. If you wish, you can taste wine or buy wine from the wine sellers. There are also dry wines produced from tasty grapes, besides the fruit wines.

You will find many wine cellars in Şirince Village. The oldest wine cellar is the cellar of the Baptist Church of St. John. This is a very ancient cellar. It is said that the building was rebuilt in 1805 but the original construction year is not known. In addition to this historic cellar, there are lots of cellars in the restaurants and boutiques.

Şirince Köyü Aziz John Baptist Kilisesi Mahzen

Of course, there are not just wine selling points in the streets of Şirince. You can also visit the old Greek houses and find cafes where you can enjoy the traditional Aegean breakfast. Also, be guaranteed that you can find authentic restaurants for lunch and dinner. In Şirince you can also find home-made soaps, olive oils and handicrafts in charming stalls on the streets.

When in Şirince, you should not only drink wine but also have a coffee cooked on hot sand. To try different and authentic tastes, it may be enough to just sit in a café. The owners of the café will offer different tastes and will serve you well.

Where to stay in Şirince?

If you want to stay in Şirince, you can choose from many boutique hotels and B&B’s. These are owned and run by the families living in Şirince. You can be sure to expect a warm and hospitable welcome.



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