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Two historic Kuşadası houses restored under the "Historic Kuşadası Harbor and Cultural Route Project", supported by the support of the Kuşadası Municipality from the South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA), are the Aegean Houses House and the Turkish House of Kahvesi are goning to year anniversary with an enthusiastic ceremony.

Kuşadası Municipality, which aims to preserve the historical and cultural values ​​of Kuşadası in a proper way and transfer it to future generations, took important steps for 4 years. The Kuşadası Municipality, which has opened Güvercinada with its historical identity and opened its doors, and which has been awarded the "Continuity Award" by the Güvercinada Castle Environmental Regeneration Project and the Historical Towns Union, and the operation of Öküz Mehmet Paşa Caravanserai which is one of the city's icons, Kuşadası Port and Cultural Routes Project in order to implement the restoration work completed. Two historical Kusadasi houses approved by the Board of Monuments within the framework of Historical Kuşadası Harbor and Cultural Route Project, which is entitled to receive financial support from GEKA by preparing various cultural routes throughout Kuşadası through integrating tourism with Kuşadası houses, integrating local products, historical and cultural values ​​into tourism. It was. Alacamescit District The building on the Yildirim Street was opened as "Turkish Coffee House" and the building in Yildiz Sokak was opened as "Aegean Cuisine". The restoration work was met with a great appreciation by the Aegean House of Commons and the Turkish Coffee House which attended the opening of the historical mansion reconciled with the works.

A trip to Kaleiçi took place at the beginning of the 'History and Culture' route, which was formed within the framework of the historical Kuşadası Harbor and Cultural Routes Project, before the opening of the Aegean House and the Turkish Coffee House.

The opening ceremony of Aegean Cuisine and Turkish Coffee Houses was attended by Aydin Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, Kuşadası District Governor Muammer Aksoy, Kuşadası Mayor Özer Kayalı, GEKA Secretary General Vekili Özgür Akdoğan, Aydın Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Murat Yılmaz, Mayor Vice Governors Ayşe Şerifoğlu, Muzaffer Eryğit, Yusuf Atak, Remzi Çengel, members of the Municipal Assembly, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations and a large number of Kuşadalı citizens attended.

Speaking at the opening, Kuşadası Deputy Mayor and Historical Kuşadası Harbor and Cultural Routes Project Coordinator Ayşe Şerifoğlu thanked the officials of the Southern Aegean Development Agency for their support for the project and stated that they will continue to run such cultural projects as Kusadasi Municipality. Stating that Kuşadası Municipality received a total of 9 awards from the Historical Cities Association between 2003 and 1818, Şerifoğlu stated that this situation means that the works done correspond and that the motivations are increased.

Speaking after Şerifoğlu, President Kayali stated that the historic Kuşadası Port and Cultural Routes Project, which is supported by the GEKA, is an important part of the historic texture preservation work carried out for 4 years and that GEKA, ÇEKÜL Foundation and EKODOSD He thanked all people and institutions.

Aydin Governor Köşger pointed out that the Historic Kuşadası Port and Cultural Routes Project is an important project that will contribute to the development of tourism in Aydın and Kuşadası. "Aydin is a city with tremendous potential in agriculture, culture and tourism. This potential needs to be assessed in the best way with the steps to be taken. Gastronomy is an important part of tourism. Aegean Cuisine is a very unique gastronomic value. For this reason, I think that the places that are opened today are very important, and I wish to be beneficial to our city. "


With the financial support from GEKA, construction and refurbishment works of two historical Kusadasi houses approved by the Board of Monuments were carried out within the scope of the 24-month Historical Kuşadası Harbor and Cultural Route Project conducted by Kusadasi Municipality. A dining culture center bearing the name "Aegean Cuisine" and a cafeteria with the name "Turkish Coffee" will serve as a bridge between the Kervansaray, Kaleiçi, Güvercin Ada and Yıldırım Caddesi for the tourists coming from Kuşadası Harbor. serving as gastronomic stops.
Within the scope of the project, which was supported by the Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of Environmental and Cultural Values ​​(ÇEKÜL) and the Association of Ecosystem Protection and Nature Loving People (EKODOSD), the cultural heritage and natural assets of Kuşadası are located in the city center of historical Kuşadası Port the route planning process was carried out as a tool to be evaluated throughout the district.

As a result of the route studies which will be taken as the main focuses of the villages and historical values ​​of Kuşadası; Seven routes were created under the headings "History and Culture" and "Nature and Culture". Kaleiçi is on the 1st stage of the History and Culture Route and Pygela is on the 2nd stage. Efes Waterway of Degirmendere on the 1st step of Nature and Culture Route, Kirazlı Road on the 2nd Stage, Yayla-Tüllüşah Valley on the 3rd Stage, Kadıkalesi on the 4th Stage and Zeus Road on the 5th Stage. Within the scope of the project, a book with the title of "Kuşadası History, Culture and Nature Routes" and brochures handled separately for each route were printed and distributed.




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