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The 96th anniversary of Kusadasi's liberation from enemy occupation was celebrated with various activities. Salvation celebrations started with the salvation ceremony of the girl who represents the captivity by Efeler after the salvation ceremony of Kusadasi Governor Muammer Aksoy and Kusadasi Mayor Özer Kayalı together with Efeler to salute the people from the balcony of Kuşadası Government Mansion.

Celebrations continued with the official ceremony held in Atatürk Square. Kusadasi Police Chief Mehmet Ali Berksoy, Kuşadası Mayor Vice Governors Ayşe Şerifoğlu, Muzaffer Eryiğit, members of Municipal Assembly and representatives of non-governmental organizations attended the ceremony, along with many citizens of Kuşadası District Governor Muammer Aksoy, Kuşadası Mayor Özer Kayalı, Kuşadası Gendarme Commander Murat Şahin, Kuşadası Police Director Mehmet Ali Berksoy.

Speaking at the forum, Mayor Kayalı stated that September 7 is the day of liberation and pride of Kuşadası. "Today, September 7th, when the treacherous plans of the imperialist powers and collaborators who took action to share Anatolian lands were corrupted in Kuşadası. As in all the Anatolian cities that were occupied 96 years ago, Kuşadası was given an epic struggle under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief Mustafa Kemal Atatürk called "Ya independence, or death" and on 7 September 1922 the occupation forces were fired to return from our city. President Kayalı remarked the importance of history and history as follows: "We as Kuşadalılar never forget that Kuşadası was won by martyr's blood like every land of our country and that Kuşadası is a work that is not ceased without waiting for any compensation for that city. we believe. We look forward to the future with strength from our past, our history. We are always cheerful with our Kuşadamız, a natural corner of heaven with its historical and cultural riches. We regard the values ​​we have as a duty to protect the riches and transfer them to future generations. We believed that protecting and developing our city and our country, which had been won with the blood of martyrs, were first and foremost a history, a conscientious responsibility, and a debt to our martyrs. We live in the pride of being a city that always depends on the values ​​of the Republic, Atatürk's principles and revolutions. This feeling and thought celebrates the 96th anniversary of Kusadasi's liberation from the invasion of the enemy, especially our Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Nationalist hero Mahmut Esat Bozkurt, who pioneered the liberation of Kuşadası, and his fellow soldiers, sad martyrs and veterans who do not hesitate to speak with mercy, gratitude and thanksgiving feelings, "he said.

Following the ceremony ending with various folk dances and heroic poems read by the students, President Kayali visited the Kuşadası Military Service Branch and the Kuşadası Şehit and Gazi Ailerel Yardımlik Derneği.




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