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The Best Kusadasi Photos from our Followers 2017 – Kuşadası LIVE

The Best Kusadasi Photos from our Followers 2017

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We made a choice from photos taken by Kusadasi LIVE followers in 2017, and listed it for you under the title ‘The Best Kusadasi Photos from our Followers 2017’. But it was a really tough choice to make. Because all the photos you have sent us were very beautiful. 🙂

See The Best Kusadasi Photos From Our Followers Album

To make a choice for the ‘Best Kusadasi Photos from our Followers 2017’ album, we evaluated all the photos we have received from our local and foreign followers.

At last we were able to create a folder “Received from our Followers”. With the photos we shared on social media, we also have been able to create an archive of ‘Kusadasi Photos’. In 2017 we received 135 Kusadasi Photos from our followers. They sent these photos by commenting on our post sor by sending personal messages.

Every Photo You Share is Important to Us!

Every beach, scenery or sunset of Kusadasi is important to us. We are very happy that you want to share your precious moments that you experienced in Kusadasi with us. That’s why we mention your names as a way of ‘thank you’, when we share your photos with our over 30.000 followers. By sharing your photos with us, you share it with all people who love Kusadasi.

takipçilerimizden gelen en iyi kuşadası fotoğrafları
Nesrin Bayhan

We love the photos from the older days of Kusadasi, the streets, the markets, the stores, the streets, the sea and harbour, the boats, Pigeon Island, with all their specific beauty. Shortly, we love all the photos of Kusadasi that you send us.
We will continu to share your photos of Kusadasi on the Kusadasi LIVE Facebook and Kusadasi LIVE Instagram pages.


Take a look at the album ‘The Best Kusadasi Photos from our Followers 2017’.


A big thank you to all our followers from the team of Kusadasi LIVE.

Thanks to all our followers for these beautiful photos!

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