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They Came to Kusadasi For The Biggest Sunken Plane Wreck

Two Chinese friends came to Kusadasi to dive for the plane wreck.

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They came to Kusadasi for the biggest sunken plane wreck. The Chinese friends started a tour of the world by car. Before coming to Kusadasi, they have already explored many countries. They came to Kusadasi especially to dive for the Airbus A300.

As you might remember, an Airbus A300 was intentionally sunken in the sea after which the spot has became a preferred diving destination for divers. Many local and foreign diving tourists have already come to Kusadasi especially for this sunken plane wreck. It is attractive to divers mostly because it’s the biggest one in the world.

Two of these tourists are the two Chinese friends, the 26 years old Kong Qin Yong and the 25 years old Minnie Yao. They are making a tour of the world by car, visiting countries they find interesting. They want to see as much as possible of the world. The main reason they came to Kusadasi is that they wanted to dive for the biggest sunken plane wreck of the world. Kong Qin Yong had searched the Internet, to see where the biggest plane wreck was and they changed their itinary for this reason.

When asked about how they experienced diving for the plane wreck, Yong answered:

It was very exciting to see the plane. It was an unbelievable experience for us. We saw so many different fish. I urge tourists coming to Kusadasi to experience this underwater beauty and go diving here. I definitely will tell my diving friends in China to come to Turkey and especially to Kusadasi to dive and see this impressive plane wreck.

Kong Qin Yong and her friend Minnie Yao enjoyed the beaches of Kusadasi too. Yong also told us that they loved the Turkish people and could not wait to explore Istanbul next.

The diving instructor Tagmac Saracoglu accompanied the two Chinese friends while they were diving. He also urges both local and foreign tourists not to leave Kusadasi before they have taken the opportunity to see the sunken plane wreck.

Airbus A300 was sunken on May, 2017. See it here: Mayday, Mayday…Burası Airbus Jumbo Jet

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