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The Panoramic View Of Kusadasi From The Gazibegendi Hill

The Gazibegendi Hill is one of the best places to have great view of Kusadasi. One of the interesting facts about this spot is that Ataturk has visited it on 9 February 1924, and loved it very much. This is why the hill is called Gazibegendi, meaning “loved by The Veteran”, The Veteran being an honorary title of Ataturk.


The Gazibegendi Hill is very much loved in Kusadasi. The people of Kusadasi love to go there to have something nice to eat at the restaurant/cafe built by the municipality, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is a car park too, free of charge. You can go there by your own car or just easily take one of the many minibusses (dolmus) that pass there.


Gazi (The Veteran) Mustafa Kemal Ataturk came twice to Kusadasi, first on 9 February 1924 and then on 10 April 1937. His first visit was together with his wife, Latife and some other people. His visit on 9 February is commemorated each year in Kusadasi. On the Gazibegendi Hill, there are many festivities and people put wreaths at his statue.


Gazibegendi Hill is a beautiful spot to have a good overview of Kusadasi, take photos and have a nice, very reasonably priced, meal.


The Statue of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

When you arrive at the Gazibegendi Hill, the first thing you will notice, is the statue of Ataturk, sitting and looking at the view. This is a popular spot to take a photo. The statue is made by sculptress Tulin Atalay. The restaurant/cafe is opened by the Kusadasi Municipality on the 18th of March in 2014 with a ceremony. You can have several warm and cold dishes, and alchoholic and non alchoholic beverages. There are very nice desserts too. Also, if you want to have a typical Turkish breakfast, or just something simple, this place is a good choice. For children, there is a nice little playground.


One of the best moments of the day to go to the Gazibegendi Hill and enjoy the view, is of course at sunset. Don’t forget to bring your camera, to make the most magnificent photos of the sunset, while sipping a drink. The Gazibegendi Hill is open every day, offering a beautiful view, summer and winter.




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