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A Traditional Food in Kusadasi: Gozleme

Gozleme is a traditional food in Kusadasi that every tourist must try.

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Gozleme is a traditional food in Kusadasi that every tourist must try. Gozleme is a pastry food but it has low calorie because of the very thin dough. Gozleme is cooked with various filling in it. This filling may be mashed potatoes, spinach, cheese and other vegetables. Also some people may prefer chocolate in it.

Gozleme is a traditional food in Kusadasi and in Turkey. It is also a Turkish street food. You can see the Turkish women sit near the oven that has a round shape. The Turkish women cook the gozleme on this oven. They roll the ball-shaped doughs out and then they create a round-shaped thin dough. Then they add the filling on the half of the dough. The half of the dough is covered on the other half and it is cooked on the oven.

What Does The Gozleme Mean?

The name of Gozleme, the traditional food in Kusadasi, comes from the word “goz” that means “eye” in Turkish. The gozleme is cooked side by side and when it is cooked the shapes which are similar with eye begin to form. So the savory pastry, with its savory mix in it, is called gozleme.

The tourists who come to Turkey love this street food and they usually call it flatbread or traditional Turkish pancake. Flatbread is a thin bread that is cooked without yeast. Gozleme is cooked without yeast, so it has low calories and it may be a healthy snack or fast food.

Gozleme is served with ayran and you can find it in Kusadasi in cafes, restaurants and in the other places in streets. Gozleme can be a real healthy fast food in Turkey because it is cheap and you can find it easily. It may be cheaper in cafes than the restaurants.

When you are in Turkey and in Kusadasi, do not feel hesitated to try the traditional Turkish food. The Turkish cuisine is very rich and you can find dishes that are made with vegetables, healthy dishes and healthy snacks a lot. Gozleme is a traditional food in Kusadasi but it is just one of the savory traditional foods.

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