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The World’s Largest Sunken Plane Wreck In Kusadasi

Kusadasi has become the diving tourism destination with the largest sunken plane.

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The world’s largest sunken plane wreck in Kusadasi attracks a lot of attention. June 2016 an A300 Airbus jet has been sunk off in the Aegean Sea.  Kusadasi has become the diving tourism destination with the largest sunken plane. The sunken wreck is popular among local and foreign tourists.

The sinking of the plane, with a length of 54 metres and a wingspan of 44 metres, is aimed to promote artificial reef diving, which is hugely popular with experienced divers.

World’s Largest Plane Wreck Attrackted About 7.000 Diving Tourists

Within a year the sunken aircraft has been surrounded with underwater flora and fauna. Already more than 7.000 tourists had an incredible diving experience. The sinking of the plane had as a main target to diversify the tourism in Kusadasi and achieve a 12-month tourism season. After already one year the goal seems to be achieved. Kusadasi is on the way to become more known also as a diving destination.

The initiative to the sink off came from the Kusadasi Municipality. The sinking activities took one month. It all started in Guzelcamli. Many people went to see the plane before the sinking. Once sunk, the plane acted like a reef, becoming a magnet for underwater flora and fauna. Hundreds of people came to Kusadasi to watch the sinking on nearby boats, cheering and blasting their foghorns as the nose of the plane finally went down.

The sunken plane wreck is very popular among the divers. It’s possible to swim around in the aircraft. In Turkey it’s the first aircraft this large to be sunken. Before, smaller aircrafts were sunken in Kaş, Antalya and Kemer. The plane wreck at the bottom of the sea in Kusadasi may not be the first, but it is certainly the largest. The plane wreck is called Neopolis Kusadasi.

World’s Largest Plane Wreck Awaits Divers

The Neopolis Kusadasi is waiting for you to come and dive. Don’t miss this magnificent diving experience if diving is your passion. Kusadasi was already a destination for divers with its clear waters and rich underwater life, and has now become even more interesting with this beautiful large plane reef.

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